Rehabilitation of a denture

When your denture seem too big, unstable and when some food remains crushed between your dentures and your gums, it’s not because they get bigger but because the morphology of your mouth is changing.

The bone structure on which the dental prosthesis are leaning, decreases of 1mm more or less each year. Following the extraction of one or more teeth, the bone under the gum loses its stimulation which causes a decrease in its volume. This phenomenon is called bone resorption and varies from one to another. In addition, quick gum changes can occur as a result of weight loss, a virus or illness, and some drug treatments.

To remedy this problem and so that you can recover your comfort and stability with your dentures, your denturologist must make changes to your dentures. Two methods can be used to fill the superfluous space : relining or rebasing.

As a result, you will be assured of proper chewing and digestion, while maintaining the health of your gums and temporo-mandibular joint.

Neither of these methods will correct the wear of your prosthetic teeth or effectively correct an occlusion. However, they will correct the comfort and stability of the denture.


It consists in adding acrylic inside the denture to fill the space that has been created either by the bone resorption or between the dental prosthesis and the gum. It is a precision work that aims to adjust the best possible dental prosthesis to the new shape of the gums and bones of the jaw. This solution will not change the appearance of your denture because only the inside of it is modified.

Depending on the technique used, this work can be done in one step (cold relining), in one day or extended over a few days.


It aims to completely replace the acrylic of the denture while keeping the prosthetic teeth and their original location. This method is regularly used to correct problems of frequent breakage on a dental prosthesis or for accelerated deterioration.

Depending on the technique used, this operation can be done in one day or can also necessitate a few days. A rebasing can not be performed on the chair as relining because a complete modification of the structures of the denture is necessary.

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