Implant-Supported Denture

Implant-Supported Denture represent a long-term, high-quality, long-term result. They are inserted directly into the bone and have the property of adhering to the bone tissue permanently. More an more, they are the top quality choice. It is important to make appropriate inquiries with dental professionals to determine a treatment plan personalized to the needs of the patient.

Implant-Supported Denture replace one or more missing teeth and ensure a greater stability in the mouth for full denture wearers or partial denture prosthesis. Dental prothesis on implants are attached directly or indirectly to the implants in the mouth. By fixing the dentures in the mouth, the chewing ability increases by 90% with dental prosthesis on implant against 30% with standard dentures. So you can eat nearly any food you want without discomfort or pain.

With dental implants, you’ll find vital stability, better comfort, strength, unmatched dental esthetic results, optimal chewing and prevent health complications related to poor food absorption. In addition, dental implants will slow down the bone loss that is inevitable following tooth extraction.

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Why choose implant-supported denture ?

    1. Comfort : This solution is much more stable than a standard dental prosthesis, and gives unmatched comfort similar to a natural dentition and it is not painful when chewing.
    2. Self-confidence : the appearance of the implant prosthesis is natural. You will not be worried any more about losing your dentures when laughing or eating because they are attached to the implants.
    3. Health : the chewing and digestion of food are facilitated. The jaw bone is stimulated, which decreases the resorption and increases its strength.

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