Immediate Dentures

The immediate denture is placed into the mouth as soon as natural teeth are extracted, which avoids waiting for the gums and bone healing before having permanent prosthesis. In this way, the immediate dental prosthesis preserves aesthetics and chewing during healing time. It is made from the mold of natural teeth. Afterwards, the prosthetic teeth will be positioned essentially in the same position as the natural teeth. This will keep the masticatory and aesthetic structures in a position suitable for an easy transition.

During the healing of the gums and the bone, a close follow-up will be necessary to keep the immediate denture adapted to the oral changes. Following a minimal healing of 3 months, the immediate denture will have to be replaced by a permanent denture or permanently modified, in order to fit to the resorbed gingiva.

  • This denture is made with the mold of your natural teeth, so it is easier to reproduce your natural smile.

  • Introduced soon after the extraction of your natural teeth, it will act as a compress, which will protect the tissues and reduce bleeding.

  • Adaptation will be easier and faster when you have your permanent denture after healing.

  • It avoids loosing your ability to chew and reduce sagging of the face, when several teeth are missing.

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