Adjustment of a new denture

When you get your new dentures, a complete adjustment is needed. In general, this adaptation time is of 2 weeks. It is also common to feel a congestion, discomfort or sensation that the denture take up all the space in your mouth. Your muscles as well as your mouth, will get used and take the necessary elasticity to obtain a comfort and this adaptation will be done more quickly if you wear the denture regularly during the day. On the other hand, if there is pain, you must have your dentures adjusted by your denturologist.

The pronunciation of some words can be more difficult with your new prosthesis. To remedy this and to facilitate your adaptation, you can practice by pronouncing repeatedly the words with which you have more difficulties. As well, you can talk, sing and read aloud.

The food must be changed during the first days. Choose soft food like pasta, fish and soup. You will be able to reintegrate gradually more crunchy or more consistent food when you feel more comfortable. This can vary a lot from one patient to another.

Complete denture

When fitting in the mouth, the sucking of the upper complete denture will not be optimal. The muscles of the mouth will adapt to the new denture and the suction will improve within a few days.

The lower full denture may be unstable in the first days because the tongue and the muscles of the lip will try to repel it. The instability will be reduced during the days following the setting in mouth.

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Partial denture

The teeth on which the hooks are positioned, can be sensitive the first days. On the other hand, if the sensitivity persists or if the retention is weak, you must have the brackets adjusted by your denturologist. In addition, the partial metal denture has an insertion plane that must be respected. It is recommended to practice in front of the mirror until you feel comfortable. It is not recommended to insert the denture in the mouth by biting it, you could change its adjustment, damage your natural teeth or hurt your tissues.

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